Baikonur Azia-TV Poljot Watch: An Iconic and Mysterious Timepiece

russian watch Poljot Baiukonur Azia-TV


The Baikonur Azia-TV Poljot watch is an iconic piece celebrating Soviet space achievements. With its unique design and historical significance, it is highly sought after by collectors. This article explores the watch’s technical details, the history of AZIA-TV, and the context where these elements intersect.

russian watch Poljot Baiukonur Azia-TV
Poljot Baiukonur Azia-TV

Technical Details of the Watch

  • Movement: Poljot 2614.2H
  • Diameter: 34mm
  • Functions: Date indicator
  • Design: Black dial with a red star and Yuri Gagarin’s image

Produced between the late 1980s and early 1990s, this watch pays tribute to Soviet space missions, referencing the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

The History of AZIA-TV

“АЗИЯ-ТВ” (AZIA-TV) was a television company operating in Kazakhstan in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Based in Almaty, it was part of a broader movement of independent broadcasters like “Otrar” and “Dala”. These channels played a crucial role in diversifying Kazakhstan’s post-Soviet media landscape, offering a variety of content including news, cultural programs, and entertainment.

Connections with Baikonur

Baikonur is renowned for its cosmodrome, the launch site for numerous Soviet space missions. While there are no direct references to specific collaborations between AZIA-TV and Baikonur, it is plausible that the channel featured content related to space activities due to regional ties and the cosmodrome’s importance.

Development of the Television Industry in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s television industry began developing in the 1950s, with significant growth in the following decades. By the 1980s, television broadcasting had expanded considerably, offering mixed programming in Kazakh and Russian. The emergence of independent broadcasters like AZIA-TV marked an important shift towards a more diverse national media landscape.


The Baikonur Azia-TV Poljot watch is more than just a timepiece; it is a piece of history celebrating Soviet space achievements and the dynamic post-Soviet media landscape in Kazakhstan. This makes the watch of great interest to both collectors and history enthusiasts.

Vostok Komandirskie Export Italy Aviation Badge

soviet watch Vostok Komandirskie Soviet Air Force Emblem

Today, I want to talk about a watch that has been in my collection for some time: a Vostok Komandirskie made for the Italian market in the 1980s, featuring an interesting badge on the dial.

This model is part of a series of watches with the Komandirskie 341XXX case, calibre 2414A, bakelite bezel, and a dial with a clean, well-made design that references the military world. The badge on the dial mimics those used on the hats of high-ranking Soviet Air Force officers.

soviet watch Vostok Komandirskie Soviet Air Force Emblem
Vostok Komandirskie Soviet Air Force Emblem

Dial Detail

This badge, in particular, is a distinctive symbol worn by high-ranking pilot officers. Below, you can see an example of these badges in a vintage photograph of a Soviet military pilot in uniform.

Distribution and Marking

The watch, made for the Italian market in the 1980s and marked CCCP, was distributed in Italy by Time Trend. Although not difficult to find, it is considered an essential piece in a collection of Soviet watches.


The dial of this Russian watch features a reproduction of the badges used on the hats of high-ranking pilot officers, making it a fascinating piece rich in history.

In the Vostok section of my site, you can find the complete series of commemorative Soviet watches intended for the Italian market.

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