Molnija / Молния

Molnija, meaning “lightning” in Russian, is an iconic watch brand with a long history dating back to the Soviet era. Founded in 1947 in Chelyabinsk, an industrial city in the Urals, Molnija was initially created to produce pocket watches for the Soviet military, railways, and navy. The factory quickly earned a reputation for its precision and reliability, essential for the rigors of military and industrial use.

Molnija watches are not just timekeeping instruments; they also represent a significant part of Soviet history and culture. With their robust design and high-quality mechanical movement, these watches have become a symbol of solid and enduring engineering. Today, Molnija continues to produce watches that combine classic aesthetics with modern technology, keeping the brand’s tradition alive and offering unique pieces that attract collectors and enthusiasts worldwide​ (Wikipedia)​​ (Molniya Watch)​​ (Watch Reflect)​.

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