VCM – 中国机械表

Since the 50s in China have been produced a huge number of watches, many of them very beautiful and well designed. Chinese vintage mechanical watches recall another era when in China a watch, along with a bicycle and a sewing machine, was one of the most desired objects, unfortunately too expensive for most of the population.

The production of Chinese watches began in 1955 and the goal from the beginning was to match Swiss quality. Initially produced in a few factories located in the territory, the authorities from the 1970s began the implementation of the Chinese standard movement Tongji and the planning of the opening of clock factories in all regions of the country. Over the years, tens of millions of watches have been produced by many different brands, sometimes inspired by the name of the city. In most cases the tongji movement is, apart from a few exceptions, the movement used for men’s watches.

The Chinese standard movement Tongji is still produced but the quality level, starting from the 80s has significantly lowered. However, the production of the 60s and 70s marked a moment of excellence for production.

The Chinese factory in the Liaoning region has provided North Korea with commemorative watches as it borders the same.

Here the list of brands and regions of Chinese vintage mechanical watch factories

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