Luch / Луч

During the early 1950s, the Soviet watch industry experienced significant growth. To meet the rising demand, the USSR Council of Ministers established a watch industry in Belarus on September 22, 1953. The Minsk Watch Factory was constructed and completed by 1955. It produced the first watches, branded “Zaria,” in December 1955. These were the smallest watches ever made in the USSR, with 18mm wide movements. By 1960, an even smaller caliber measuring 13mm was being developed, which became the first watch to bear the name Luch. The factory produced a variety of Luch-branded watches, including the renowned caliber 2209 movement. In the following decades, the factory thrived and expanded its product range. However, the quality declined in the 1980s and the factory declared bankruptcy in 2006. It was revived in 2010 by a Swiss watchmaking company and continues to manufacture watches today, employing 700 individuals and exporting to 15 countries.

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