Vostok / Восток

Vostok, Wostok or Восток, different names in Latin or Cyrillic characters, to always indicate the same brand of watches. The reasons for diversity are quickly said. Восток is the original Cyrillic name used for watches intended for the domestic market or abroad at the specific request of the importer (for example for the Italian market in the 1980s). Wostok is the name used for the foreign market, easy to pronounce even for German-speaking people, in which the letter “V” is pronounced very similar to an Italian “F”. Vostok has established itself over time in place of the writing with the “W” and today this is used as an alternative to the mark in Cyrillic. The company, still in business, is based in Chistopol in the Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan in Russia. The factory was founded in 1942 when, because of the war, the facilities of the Second Moscow Clock Factory were moved to Chistopol on the banks of the Kama River. The production of the Soviet Vostok was huge and includes, in addition to the Vostok brand, also many other brands including, for example, Kama, Svet, Buran and Uran.
Among all the production the most known is certainly the Vostok Amphibia, some also call them Vostok Amphibian. Built since 1964, their construction has its strong point. The ingenious closure made with a screw clamping ring without infringing or affecting the existing Swiss patents is still an excellent example of inventiveness.

The Vostok Komandirskie and the Kadett vintage Soviet and Russian era are among the most popular and most appreciated watches in the world. Products in many variations are among the most collected Russian watches.
The Vostok factory in Chistopol is still productive.


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