Elektronika / Электроника

Elektronika (Электроника) is the brand name used for a variety of electronic products manufactured by factories under the Soviet Ministry of Electronic Industry. These encompassed computer systems, calculators, electronic timepieces, tape recorders, video recorders, handheld gaming devices, and radios. Certain items were exported under different aliases, including Sekonda and Elorg, while some gadgets were direct imitations of foreign technology.

The Elektronika watch brand emerged as the Soviet counter to the emergence of quartz technology in the West. The initial Elektronika quartz timepieces debuted in the early 1970s, drawing inspiration from Western brands like Pulsar. Early models boasted minimal functions, yet with technological advancements, more sophisticated features emerged, such as chronograph and calendar complications. At least four factories were tasked with Elektronika watch production, including Pulsar (Moscow), Angstrem (Zelenograd), Integral (Minsk), and Soyuz (Novosibirsk). The principal factory, Integral Joint Stock Company, remains engaged in manufacturing various consumer electronics to this day.

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