Slava / Слава

After World War II, the Second Watch Factory transformed into the Slava Watch Factory, focusing on the production of civilian wristwatches. In the 1950s and 1960s, they initially specialized in women’s watches and experimental designs. To meet the demand for men’s watches, they temporarily used women’s watch movements in men’s watches.

In 1966, they began the in-house production of unique men’s watch movements. However, these movements were considered less reliable than others. In 1980, they transitioned to quartz movements. They exported up to 50% of their products to numerous countries, with a special partnership in Italy.

During the post-USSR privatization period, the brand suffered due to the export of movements to China for cheap counterfeit production. Today, Slava Trade House holds the rights for production and operates a facility in Ulgich, Russia, following the demolition of the original building in 2011.

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