In 1956, a joint venture was established between Poland and the Soviet Union with the aim of creating a new line of wristwatches known as “Błonie”. The Polish Precision Mechanics Factory obtained a license from the First Moscow Watch Factory to manufacture these watches. The initial series of Błonie watches was produced on October 24, 1959, and the brand made its debut at the Poznań International Fair in 1960. Initially, Błonie watches were assembled using components sourced from the Soviet Union. However, the factory gradually integrated their own components into the production process, starting with watch cases and dials. They eventually expanded to produce movement parts, including rare bridges featuring the Błonie trademark. These watches, a combination of Soviet and Polish elements, were marketed under 16 different brand names, including Alfa, Arras, Atlas, Bałtyk, Blonex, Blonex Antymagnetyczny, Blonex Super, Błonie, Delfin, Dukat, Jantar, Kurant, Lech, Polan, Wars, and Zodiak. The production of Błonie watches came to a halt in the late 1960s, although the precise reasons are not fully clear. It is likely that socio-economic circumstances, particularly import difficulties, caused delays in the manufacturing process, ultimately leading to the suspension of production. Approximately 1.2 million watches were produced at the Błonie Watch Factory between 1959 and 1969. Aside from its involvement in the Polish watchmaking venture, the Alfa brand was also utilized for standard export watches from the First Moscow Watch Factory.

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