Sovietaly: The Journey Behind the Logo and the Birth of a Unique Watch Collection

logo sovietaly TM sfondo bianco

Sovietaly™ Russian Watches

Welcome to the story of Sovietaly, my collection of Russian and Soviet watches that has taken shape over the years. My passion for watches has deep roots in my life, roots that delve into the tales and stories of the watches my grandfather collected with care and pride. Growing up, those pieces of history always fascinated me, and in 2017, I began to make sense and structure of my expanding personal collection.

The Birth of the Sovietaly Website

In an attempt to organize the information and share my passion for Russian and Soviet watches, I decided to create a website. After exploring various options, I chose Google Sites for its simplicity and familiarity from past use. The result is the site you can visit here: Sovietaly. This space allowed me not only to showcase my collection but also to address an important issue: what to name this unique collection of watches?

The name “Sovietaly” was suggested by a dear collector friend who saw the deep connection between the concept of “Soviet” and Italy. This name became my distinctive brand, also used as a nickname in groups and forums. I decided to protect the brand (™) after legal advice, recognizing the value and protection my collection deserved.

The Creation of the First Logo

The second step was to find a logo that fully represented the essence of Sovietaly. Inspired by iconic symbols like the Raketa Big Zero watch, the hammer and sickle of the Soviet Union, and the colors of the Italian flag, the logo was created with the collaboration of a professional on

It should be emphasized that the logo with the hammer and sickle was created solely to evoke the collection of Soviet watches, without any reference to communist ideology or political issues, which do not interest me.

logo sovietaly TM sfondo bianco
Sovietaly (TM) logo

The Evolution of the Logo in 2024: A New Identity

In May 2024, I decided to renew the logo to eliminate any political references and to highlight the connection with Italy even more. The new logo maintains the brand’s recognizability, adding a border with the Italian flag, reflecting a new identity more aligned with reality, given the increasing dissemination on social media.

This is currently the logo of the site and social media channels, representing the identity of Sovietaly and its evolution more accurately.

Logo di Sovietaly
Logo di Sovietaly

A Journey of Passion and Sharing

The journey of Sovietaly has been an exciting path of growth, learning, and sharing. Since then, the Sovietaly logo has become a recognizable and original element, proudly accompanying the collection. Over time, I have also experimented with its presentation, using only the text as a watermark for photos on social media.

Each watch in my collection has a story to tell, a story that I could not wait to share with other enthusiasts. Each piece represents a piece of history, a fragment of time that carries the charm and mystery of past eras.

I hope this story can inspire other watch enthusiasts and collectors. Thank you for being part of this adventure!

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