Vostok Komandirskie 436942 EMERCOM Watch Review


In this article, I will review the Vostok Komandirskie 436942, a classic model produced by the Chistopol factory in Russia. The watch is available for purchase on the Meranom.com online store, an authorized dealer of Vostok watches.

Technical specifications

The watch has a brass case with a new type of titanium oxocarbonitride coating that gives it a pleasant matte gray metallic appearance. The dial is matte black with the Cyrillic abbreviation “мчс России” which means Ministry of Emergency Situations and the English word “EMERCOM”.

Vostok Komandirskie 436942 EMERCOM

The dial also features a compass rose. The steel caseback features the double-headed eagle, the symbol of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Vostok Komandirskie 436942 EMERCOM
Vostok Komandirskie 436942 EMERCOM

It is powered by a Vostok 2414 manual-winding movement with 17 jewels. The power reserve is 36 hours and the recommended service interval is every 10 years. The watch has a thermoformed acrylic crystal and a water resistance rating of 20 meters.

Vostok Komandirskie 436942 EMERCOM
Vostok Komandirskie 436942 EMERCOM

Relationship with the Ministry of Emergency Situations

The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations is a government agency responsible for dealing with natural and man-made disasters. The Vostok Komandirskie 436942 is a commemorative model of the ministry.

mchs Emercom russian patch
mchs Emercom russian patch

Value for money

The Vostok Komandirskie 436942 offers excellent value for money. The watch is well-built and has a classic design. The purchase price is less than $60. The price may vary over time.

It is possible to purchase this watch by clicking on the image below to support content creation:


The Vostok Komandirskie 436942 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a classic and reliable watch at an affordable price.

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