Khersones: The Majestic Three-Masted Sailing Ship and the Raketa Watch

Close-up of a Khersones wristwatch showing different world cities and a ship illustration on the dial.

The Khersones sailing ship is an impressive and fascinating vessel, whose majestic image stands out on the dial of a watch that is a prized piece for collectors. Among the first Russian watches in my collection, this model is appreciated not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for the intriguing history linked to the sailing ship depicted on the dial.

Raketa Khersones

The watch features an attractive design with white, metallic, and blue tones that evoke a maritime atmosphere. The rotating inner bezel, a distinctive feature of this model, lists the names of cities in English. The chrome-plated case and black-finished bezel harmonize perfectly with the dial, which is dominated by the image of the majestic Khersones sailing ship.

russian watch Raketa Kersones
Raketa Kersones

The Khersones Training Ship

The Khersones is a three-masted sailing ship built in 1989 at the Gdańsk shipyard in Poland. It is part of a series of six sister ships, the most famous of which is the MIR. Designed for training naval cadets, the Khersones is 108.6 meters long and 14 meters wide, with a mainmast height of 49.5 meters. The ship has a total sail area of 2,771 square meters, allowing it to achieve significant speeds powered solely by the wind.

History and Curiosities

  • Launch and Early Career: Launched in 1989, the Khersones was primarily intended for training students at the State Maritime Academy of the Black Sea. In its early years of service, it participated in numerous international regattas, earning a reputation for excellence.
  • Circumnavigation: Between 1997 and 1998, the Khersones completed a circumnavigation of the globe, becoming one of the few Russian sailing ships to accomplish such a feat. During this voyage, it visited ports worldwide, serving as a floating ambassador of Russian seafaring.
  • Film Fame: The Khersones has appeared in several films and documentaries, enhancing its iconic image. Its presence in cinematic productions has helped spread knowledge of the ship beyond nautical circles.
  • Current Status: The Khersones is still in service today, flying the Russian flag. It is often sighted in the Black Sea near Sevastopol and continues to serve as a training ship for new generations of sailors.

To follow the current location of the Khersones, you can use the MarineTraffic website.

Collecting and Exploring

Collecting watches often leads to a desire to explore and learn more about the objects that inspire them. Personally, I enjoy pairing watches with related items like stamps, pins, or postcards. Recently, I found a postcard that depicts the Khersones sailing ship in all its majesty.

The Raketa Watch

The Raketa Khersones is a comfortably wearable watch, once you understand how to read the time correctly on a 24-hour dial. The case is typical of 24-hour watches, with TiN finishing and a black-finished bezel. Inside, the watch houses the 2623.H 24-hour caliber, a reliable movement used by Raketa.


The Raketa Khersones watch is not just a beautiful object but also a tribute to the rich history of the sailing ship it represents. Collecting it means appreciating both naval history and craftsmanship that come together in a unique and fascinating piece.

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