Molnija Pocket Watch: Symbol of the Soviet Guard

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This article is dedicated to enthusiasts of Soviet and Russian watchmaking, focusing on a particular Molnija pocket watch. We will explore the technical, commemorative, and historical details of the watch, enriching the content with links to reliable sources for comprehensive insight.

Technical Details and History of the Molnija Watch

Recently, at a flea market in the province of Milan, I found a Molnija pocket watch that caught my attention. This watch has several distinctive features both on the case and on the cover.

Watch Case: On the metal case that protects the dial, there is the symbol of the “Soviet Guard.” This symbol includes a red flag with the inscription “Гвардия” (Guard) above a red star surrounded by a laurel wreath. This emblem is a mark of distinction and honor, reserved for the units of the Red Army that distinguished themselves for their courage and efficiency during World War II.

Back Cover: On the back cover of the watch, there is an engraved symbol of the hammer and sickle within a five-pointed star. Around this symbol, the Cyrillic inscription “великая отечественная 1941-1945” (Great Patriotic War 1941-1945) celebrates the Soviet Union’s victory against Nazi forces during World War II.

The watch is equipped with a manually wound Molnija 3602 caliber. This mechanism, known for its reliability and precision, was widely used in Soviet pocket watches of the era.

Historical Insights

Soviet Guard: The Soviet Guard was an elite unit of the Red Army, created during World War II to honor units that had shown extraordinary courage and skill in battle. This watch celebrates such units, highlighting the importance of their contribution to the Soviet victory. For more information, you can visit the Wikipedia page of the Soviet Guard.

Great Patriotic War: The inscription “великая отечественная 1941-1945” on the back cover of the watch refers to the Great Patriotic War, a term used in the Soviet Union to describe the war against Nazi Germany during World War II. This period is characterized by immense suffering and sacrifice, but also by incredible determination and courage that led to the Soviet victory. You can delve deeper into this topic by visiting the page dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.

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