Vostok Commemorative Watch of the Komi Republic

Soviet Union commemorative watch with Republic of Komi map and symbols


The Vostok commemorative watch of the Komi Republic represents a unique and significant piece of the region’s history, located in the northeastern part of European Russia. This watch is not just a timepiece but a tribute to the history and culture of the Komi people, dedicated to S. Spiridonov, an important local historical figure.

Soviet Union commemorative watch with Republic of Komi map and symbols
Soviet Union commemorative watch featuring a map and symbols, highlighting Ю. Спиридонов and the Republic of Komi.

Watch Description

The watch features a detailed dial with Cyrillic inscriptions, including “Главы Республики Коми С. Спиридонов” which translates to “Head of the Komi Republic S. Spiridonov.” This suggests the watch was created to commemorate Yuri Alekseevich Spiridonov, the first elected head of the Komi Republic, serving from 1994 to 2002​ (Википедия — свободная энциклопедия)​​ (Радио Свобода)​.

Meaning of the Inscriptions and Symbols

  • Главы Республики Коми С. Спиридонов: Translated as “Head of the Komi Republic S. Spiridonov,” this text honours Spiridonov, known for his significant contributions to the region’s modernisation during his tenure.
  • РТЧ (RTCH): Although this abbreviation is not immediately clear, it might refer to a specific organisation or institution, possibly military or scientific.

The watch dial also includes:

  • Map of the Komi Republic: Highlighted to underscore the regional importance.
  • Double-Headed Eagle: A traditional Russian symbol, possibly indicating a connection with the federal government or an official organisation.

History of S. Spiridonov

Yuri Alekseevich Spiridonov played a crucial role in the modern history of the Komi Republic. During his tenure, he oversaw significant administrative and social transformations, contributing to the region’s stability and development​ («7×7» Горизонтальная Россия)​.


The Vostok commemorative watch of the Komi Republic is not only a valuable historical item but also a symbol of the region’s culture and history. Through its inscriptions and symbols, this watch celebrates the legacy of S. Spiridonov and provides a tangible link to the rich history of the Komi people.

The Commemorative Watch of the Director of the Kharkiv Military University: A Piece of History in My Collection



Recently, I had the opportunity to acquire a very special watch for my collection of Soviet and post-Soviet memorabilia. This commemorative watch comes from the Kharkiv Military University, located in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine. In this article, I will tell you the story of this fascinating item, the meaning of the inscriptions on the dial, and the technical features of the watch.

Orologio commemorativo del Kharkiv Military University.
Orologio commemorativo del Kharkiv Military University.

Acquiring the Watch

As an avid collector of historical Soviet and post-Soviet items, I am always on the lookout for unique pieces that tell a story. When I came across this commemorative watch, I was immediately drawn to its robust design and significant history. The dial reads “ВІД НАЧАЛЬНИКА ХАРКІВСЬКОГО ВІЙСЬКОВОГО УНІВЕРСИТЕТУ,” which translates to “From the Director of the Kharkiv Military University.”

Watch Description

The watch has a chrome-plated brass case, giving it an elegant and durable appearance. Inside, it features a Vostok 2414A hand-wound calibre, a reliable movement appreciated for its accuracy. The dial is decorated with the emblem of the Kharkiv Military University, colourful and representative of the pride and tradition of the institution. This type of watch is usually given as recognition for distinguished service or as a token of affiliation with the University.

Meaning of the Inscriptions

The Cyrillic inscriptions on the watch dial refer directly to the Director of the Kharkiv Military University. This indicates that the watch might have been a gift or an award, a symbol of recognition for commitment and service to the institution. It’s fascinating how these small details can tell such a rich story.

The Kharkiv Military University

The Kharkiv Military University, officially known as “Національний університет оборони України імені Івана Черняховського” (National Defence University of Ukraine named after Ivan Chernyakhovsky), is located in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine. Founded during the Soviet period, this university has continued to train officers and specialists for the Ukrainian armed forces, maintaining a high standard of military education and training.

The Kharkiv Region

Kharkiv is one of the major cities in Ukraine, located in the eponymous region. It is an important cultural, educational, and industrial centre. The Kharkiv Military University plays a crucial role in training the country’s armed forces and has a long tradition of excellence.


Having this commemorative watch in my collection is a true honour. Not only is it a beautiful example of military design, but it is also a piece of history that represents the importance and legacy of the Kharkiv Military University. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of the value of service and dedication.

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