Raketa Karelia: 100 Years of Automotive History

russian watch Raketa 100 years of transport in republic of Karelia

A Jewel of History and Mechanics

The watch depicted in the photo is a Raketa model, calibre 2609 HA with 19 jewels. This specific timepiece, model number 4321xxx, was produced in the 1990s and celebrates the centenary of automotive transport in the Karelia region of Russia.

russian watch Raketa 100 years of transport in republic of Karelia
Raketa 100 years of transport in republic of Karelia

Dial Details

The watch’s dial is rich with symbolism and commemorations:

  • Historic and Modern Vehicles: At the top, there are illustrations of two vehicles: an old-fashioned car on the left and a modern vehicle on the right. These vehicles represent the evolution of automotive transport over a century.
  • Circular Inscription: The red inscription surrounding the dial reads “КАРЕЛИЯ 100 ЛЕТ АВТОМОБИЛЬНОМУ ТРАНСПОРТУ”, which translates to “Karelia, 100 years of automotive transport”. This underscores the centenary celebration.
  • Logo and Years: At the centre of the dial, a blue and red logo with the number “100” highlights the importance of the anniversary.

Historical Significance

The watch was created to celebrate an important milestone in the history of the Karelia region, highlighting the significance of automotive transport in the economic and social development of the area. The commemoration of 100 years of automotive transport reflects the technological and infrastructural progress that has taken place since the introduction of the first cars up to the present day.

The Raketa Brand

Raketa, one of the most renowned watch brands in Russia, has a long history of producing robust and reliable watches. The calibre 2609 HA used in this model is known for its precision and durability, making the watch not only a commemorative piece but also a high-quality technical object.

The Karelia Region

Karelia is a historic region located in the northwest of Russia, known for its breathtaking natural landscapes and rich cultural history. Here are some highlights about Karelia:

  • Geography and Nature: Karelia is characterised by a vast number of lakes and forests, making it a popular destination for nature lovers. Lake Ladoga, the largest in Europe, is partly located in Karelia.
  • History and Culture: The region has a complex and fascinating history, having been contested between Sweden, Russia, and Finland over the centuries. This has led to a rich cultural mix and diverse influences in language, music, and local traditions.
  • Economy: In addition to tourism, Karelia’s economy is based on the timber, fishing, and natural resources industries. In recent decades, automotive transport has played a key role in the region’s economic development, facilitating trade and mobility.


This Raketa watch is not just a timekeeping device, but also a piece of history that celebrates a century of progress in automotive transport in Karelia. With its distinctive design and significant details, it stands as a lasting tribute to the evolution and importance of automotive transport in the region.

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