Missile Troops and Artillery: The Meaning Behind the Vostok Komandirskie Dial

russian watch Vostok Komandirskie Missile Troops

Missile Troops and Artillery: here is the true meaning of this dial revealed. It’s a widely distributed Vostok Komandirskie, and often people wonder about the hidden meanings behind such a cryptic dial. Careful research is required to uncover the exact significance of the various symbols on the dial.

Discovering the Watch

I found this watch for a few euros in a lot, and it immediately intrigued me. I had seen it many times, but never so peculiar or beautiful to justify a single purchase. After a bit of investigation, curiosity took over, and I sought to find out what it was exactly about.

The Watch

The watch, upon closer inspection, is quite standard. It’s a Russian Vostok Komandirskie with a 2414 movement and a 439xxx case. Both the glass and the case are unfortunately quite damaged, but the watch is still functional, indicating that the reliable Vostok 2414 works well even under harsh conditions.

russian watch Vostok Komandirskie Missile Troops
Vostok Komandirskie Missile Troops

Vostok Komandirskie Missile Troops: Where Are the Missile Troops and Artillery?

Everything is grouped in the emblem found at the six o’clock position on the dial. What is it about?

The image consists of three elements:

  1. A laurel wreath
  2. Two cannons
  3. A missile

Uncovering the Meaning

After some research and the help of a Dutch collector friend, I found a military patch online that clarified the meaning. The writing: ракетные войска и артиллерия on the patch means “Missile Troops and Artillery.” This is therefore a commemorative Vostok of these armed forces, which are part of the Vooružënnye Sily Rossijskoj Federacii, or the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

A curiosity: on November 19, Russia celebrates the “Day of the Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Federation.” Here is a video about it:

Missile Troops and Artillery: Who Are They?

For those interested, here is the link to the Russian Wikipedia page: LINK.

Interesting information I found includes the existence of:

  • Missile Troops and Artillery of the ground forces of the Russian armed forces
  • Missile Troops and Artillery of the coastal forces of the Russian armed forces

Tasks of the Missile Troops and Artillery

The missile troops and artillery are tasked with:

  • Achieving and maintaining fire superiority over the enemy
  • Destroying enemy nuclear attack means, personnel, weapons, military, and special equipment
  • Disorganizing enemy troop and weapon command and control systems, reconnaissance, and electronic warfare
  • Destroying long-term defensive structures and other infrastructure
  • Disrupting enemy operational and military rear
  • Weakening and isolating the enemy’s second echelons and reserves
  • Destroying tanks and other armored vehicles penetrating the enemy’s depth
  • Covering flanks and open joints
  • Participating in the destruction of enemy airborne and amphibious assault forces
  • Remote mining of areas and objects
  • Supporting night operations of troops
  • Smoking and blinding enemy objects
  • Distributing propaganda materials and others


It is easy to see how even a simple Vostok Komandirskie can intrigue and lead to unexpected in-depth research. Sometimes the only challenge is navigating the numerous military units present in Russia. The watch was probably commissioned for some celebration or simply made like many others to celebrate the armed forces.

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