Maritime College of Murmansk Raketa Watch: A Tribute to Maritime Excellence

Description of the Dial

The Raketa watch featuring the Maritime College of Murmansk is a refined model with a gold case and Raketa 2409 calibre. The black dial, adorned with gold details, is both elegant and functional. At the centre of the dial, a stylised building represents the Murmanskiy Morskoy Kolledzh imeni I.I. Mesyatseva (Maritime College of Murmansk named after I.I. Mesyatsev). Above the building, the aurora borealis is stylised, symbolizing the institute’s location above the Arctic Circle and the natural beauty visible in Murmansk. The date “1932” indicates the year the institute was founded.

Primo piano di un orologio con quadrante nero e dettagli dorati, recante la scritta in cirillico "1932" e "МУРМАНСКИЙ МОРСКОЙ КОЛЛЕДЖ ИМ. И. МЕСЯЦЕВА". Proprietà di Sovietaly.
Primo piano di un orologio con quadrante nero e dettagli dorati, recante la scritta in cirillico “1932” e “МУРМАНСКИЙ МОРСКОЙ КОЛЛЕДЖ ИМ. И. МЕСЯЦЕВА”. Immagine di proprietà di Sovietaly.

Celebration and Commemoration

This watch celebrates the founding of the Murmanskiy Morskoy Kolledzh in 1932. This institution has played a crucial role in training specialists in the maritime and fishing sectors.

College History

The Murmanskiy Morskoy Kolledzh was inaugurated on December 17, 1932, aiming to provide qualified personnel for the newly established Soviet fishing fleet​ (EduNews)​​ (Учёба.ру)​. Named after Ivan Ivanovich Mesyatsev, a key figure in the development of marine technologies in Russia, the institute is now one of the leading maritime schools in Northwest Russia.

Edificio del Murmansk Marine College, Murmansk, Russia. Fonte: kolledzh-mesyatseva-murmansk.
L’edificio del Murmansk Marine College, situato a Murmansk, Russia. Fonte: kolledzh-mesyatseva-murmansk.

Evolution and Modernity

Since 2013, the college has been part of the Murmansk State Technical University complex and is one of the five educational centres created by the Federal Fisheries Agency​ (EduNews)​​ (Учёба.ру)​. It offers various educational programs ranging from ichthyology to food production technology, providing comprehensive and updated training to its students.

Current Importance

Today, the college continues to play a vital role in training sailors and maritime specialists. Its facilities include modern laboratories and a well-equipped campus, including a dormitory for students. This makes it a centre of excellence recognised throughout Russia​ (Учёба.ру)​.


The Raketa watch with a 2409 calibre is not just a functional accessory but also a tribute to the long educational tradition of the Murmanskiy Morskoy Kolledzh. Wearing this watch means carrying a symbol of Russian maritime expertise, celebrating an institution that has significantly contributed to the development of maritime skills in the country.

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